S2E011: Former Green Beret David Corbaley on Entrepreneurship

As a Former Green Beret, David Corbaley “The Marketing Commando” found himself “earning his stripes” once again….but this time in the Real Estate Investing industry.

When David started as a Real Estate Investor back in 2002, he struggled for 2-3 years to get his business firing right.

He described it as “an unfriendly roller coaster ride, full of stress, anxiety and frustration”….. I fell back on my

….until he fell back on his trainings as an unconventional warrior.

As a Special Forces soldier, David learned unconventional warfighting methods.

Then in business, his struggles finally gave way when he used his skills to develop unconventional methods of marketing. The lifeblood of ANY business!

Strategies that nobody else was using.

Strategies that worked…

When he figured out the whole “marketing” thing, everything else fell into place.

Learning how to produce a steady stream of motivated leads helped him zero in on financial independence.

As much as he loved his career as a Seattle Firefighter, he was able to leave that back in 2006, and enjoy life as *financially free* ever since.


Read more about David Corbaley at www.themarketingcommando.com


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