S2E006: How To Buy A Business Using Its Own Cash Part Four

If you don’t want a business that turns into just another job…but instead you want a lifestyle, then Part 4 of 4 is for you!

Listen in as Army Veteran, International Best-Selling Author and Venture Capitalist, Mike Warren (who buys businesses using their own cash)  shares his lather-rinse-repeat formula:

  • Leverage the assets of a company to buy it
  • Collect a six-figure CEO salary

…all without having a cap on growth potential or a predictable and limited business-in-a-box.

In this episode (Part 4 of 4) Mike joins us to dive into untapped assets to look for in a business…PLUS 2 *Bonus* case studies of real life deals. He spills the beans on where to dig for the golden businesses to buy that are ripe for the pickin and what to look for to tell if a ‘business for sale’ has good growth potential.


  • 6 sins businesses commit that make them prime for buying (and how to find these sinful businesses online)
  • Untapped assets to look for in a business to buy
  • The one thing Mike ALWAYS automates in order to scale a business
  • The “first date” principle of converting leads to customers
  • Skip buying a franchise–instead, turn a privately held business into a franchise

PLUS…2 *Bonus* Case Studies

[Bonus Case Study 1] – The buying of a hosting company

  • What they did wrong for over 2 years
  • Their faulty (but profitable for a buyer) logic for doing things wrong for 2 years
  • How to create instant cash after acquiring a company
  • How Mike found a way to add $1 Million in immediate sales after acquisition (and that was worst case scenario)

[Bonus Case Study 2] – Untapped assets of an online business

  • The untapped asset we discovered to triple the company’s sales in 6-9 months flat
  • What we discovered to take a company from $400k in sales to selling it for as much as $5 Million in 24 months


The EXIT Formula: How To Sell Your Business For 3x More Than It’s Worth Today https://www.amazon.com/EXIT-Formula-Business-Worth-Today/dp/1508836019

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