S2E005: How To Buy A Business Using Its Own Cash Part Three

Ever wanted to buy a business with no money down, less than perfect credit AND start with a six figure a year cashflow? If so, then Part 3 of 4 is for you!

If so, then Part 3 of 4 is for you!

Listen in as Army Veteran, International Best-Selling Author and Venture Capitalist, Mike Warren (who buys companies using the businesses own cash) dives deeper and reveals:

  • How to use a ________  ________   to come up with the cash to acquire businesses over and over again
  • Why *ugly duckling* businesses can make you more money, faster

…and why this it’s just as easy (if not easier) to buy a business….than to buy a house.

In this episode (Part 3 of 4) Mike joins us to reveal IN DETAIL the truth about why buying the right kind of business can be easier than buying a house …PLUS a *Bonus* case study of real life deal. In this episode, you’ll also discover the Wall Street Magic Math that you can use to sell a business for a MINIMUM of 4x what its worth.


  • What every successful company has in common….and the 1 difference they have
  • Look for _________ assets to find the cash within the business itself to buy it
  • The truth that every business is for sale
  • If you can buy a house, you can buy a business.
  • How much easier it is to acquire a business (than to build one from scratch) and how you can buy as many as you want to.
  • The “Wall Street Magic Math” that you can use to turn around and sell a business for a *minimum* of 4x (or more) than what it’s worth
  • Shop your way to wealth using WSM + WSSL and simply ________ scouting for them (and you don’t even need a license, money, or college education to do this)
  • 2 Industries to stay away from (why these…and how to tell which other businesses types to skip)

PLUS…A *Bonus* Case Study

[Bonus Case Study] – Buying a Spa with 100% Owner Financing and $300,000 a year cashflow 

  • A business bought with 100% owner financing    
  • Walking into an already existing $300k a year cashflow
  • Not having to qualify or get bank approval needed       
  • Taking over the business with no money down    
  • Getting the business to pay for itself (no money down)
  • Negotiating future payments for buying the business…..out of the sales from the business itself


The EXIT Formula: How To Sell Your Business For 3x More Than It’s Worth Today https://www.amazon.com/EXIT-Formula-Business-Worth-Today/dp/1508836019

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