Business Startup Idea Lists and Your Idiot Uncles Advice

Let’s chat about business ideas.

The longer I’m in business the easier it seems to get to come with a business idea; as a matter of fact, I’ve got a big swipe list of ’em that I keep for a rainy day.

Secret confession:

I thought this made me cool (even though it didn’t make me money) having such a big list of ideas. UNTIL I found out that a friend of mine has one that’s bigger than mine.

Turns out that his list has over 4,000 business ideas on it.

That’s when I got to thinking about the questions I get from buddies of mine, both veterans and non-veterans, about starting a business from scratch.

Here’s what those questions about starting a business from scratch tend to sound like:

I have several ideas for a business startup. Some of them are related to my hobbies, some related to what I did in the Army, some business ideas similar to cool stuff I’ve seen out there and others I just dreamt up on my own. Soooo…how do I know which one to pick?

I LOVE this question.

In fact, the only thing I love more than this question is my answer for it cause it’s just so dang simple (IMHO).

Now for my 2 cents on this in one sentence or less.

Go with what’s already making money.

Don’t you love it?

Me too!

As a matter of fact, it’s so simple that we’re done here. You can go on with the rest of your day now.

Just kidding. Don’t go yet.

Think about it though, why do people buy franchises?

Because they know that there is a statistical degree of probability that it’s a business model that works, a product that sells and there’s a hungry market out there that will throw money at you for that product or service.

A degree of predictable success.

I’m not saying to go run out and buy a franchise

(cause I usually do NOT recommend that. And if you want to know why then just drop a message in the comments and we’ll do a separate article or an episode of The Soldier To Entrepreneur Show about that).

Anywhooo….the golden nuggets to take away from this are these:

  • Success leaves clues – pay attention, do some digging around as to whats already selling like hot cakes!
  • Stay away from idiots advice – Your uncle or friends-cousins-sisters-dad that has had a job all his life and knows everything about everything does not know sh*t from shinola when it comes to business ideas or making money or starting a business from scratch.
  • Pay attention!  – ^^ that one was worth repeating
  • Create a circle of like-minded people who are already successful or willing to do what it takes to be a successful veteran business owner.

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