We are going to the Moon

This was a little before my time but I think we need to talk about this anyways. May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy made a declaration: “We’re going to the moon”. That moment was a big deal for several reasons— First, the US didn’t have the technology back then to accomplish that. In other[…]

Lechon Kirb – Marine Veteran and Brand Legend

The inspiration behind Kirb x Co, Lechon Kirb is an image brand developer and professional photographer.   He gained early popularity from capturing singer/songwriter Usher, whose photos were quickly placed in the national publication, ORIGIN Magazine. Since then many other publications, media outlets, magazines, and television networks have featured his work.  Most notable – Red Bull, Universal, NBC, BET, VH-1, Smirnoff,[…]

Omar Burgos – Army Veteran and Producer

“For over 230 years America’s Veterans have transitioned from military service into Business ownership…it’s a tradition.” -Omar Burgos, President, Veteran Business Association   Omar Burgos, is an Army Veteran and business owner in the Orlando Florida area. But that wasn’t always the case for this decorated former Army Sergeant. “I wanted to be in the Army[…]