S2E004: How To Buy A Business Using Its Own Cash Part Two

If you don’t want a business that turns into just another job…but instead you want a lifestyle, then Part 2 of 4 is for you!

Listen in as Army Veteran, International Best-Selling Author and Venture Capitalist, Mike Warren (who buys businesses using their own cash)  shares his lather-rinse-repeat formula:

  • Leverage the assets of a company to buy it
  • Collect a six-figure CEO salary

…all without having a cap on growth potential or a predictable and limited business-in-a-box.


S2E003: How To Buy A Business Using Its Own Cash Part One

Got questions about buying a business? Meet Army Veteran, International Best-Selling Author  and Venture Capitalist, Mike Warren who buys businesses using their own cash. Businesses that are more profitable than franchises. 

S2E Podcast-Ep002

S2E002: How To Start A Business From Scratch Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Thinking about starting a veteran owned business? Don’t have any ideas yet or know where to start? In this episode you’ll learn an easy to follow 5 step process for making money as a veteran owned small business.

You don’t have to invent the “next best thing” or the second coming of the Snuggie, risk your life savings or write a 50 page business plan just to start making money as an vetrepreneur.

Follow this simple 5 step process and you’ll know exactly who wants to buy something and is already willing to spend money on what you want to sell, what to offer them, how to answer the #1 question that comes up when raising money with Private Money Lenders (or any of the other 50 plus sources of funding we’ve identified)…and more!

S2E Podcast-Ep001

S2E001: How a Marine made $500k in 12 months food blogging…while still on Active Duty

Ever hear about the Marine who made $500k in 12 months talking about food…while still on Active Duty?
In this episode, I chat with George Bryant, Marine and Civilized Caveman, about his journey.
He overcame bulimia, addiction to pain, almost lost both legs and suffered from traumatic brain injury and PTSD.

S2E Podcast-Ep000

S2E000: The Soldier To Entrepreneur Show Trailer

Get a behind the scenes look at upcoming episodes where Entrepreneur and Army Veteran, Omar Burgos will interview Veterans & top performing entrepreneurs who are starting profitable businesses, raising millions in funding and doubling sales.

So whether you’re a Veteran, Military or spouse listen in to their unpublished secrets, raw stories and hard-earned lessons on what’s working NOW for growing a profitable business and living a life you love!

We Choose To Go To The Moon

We are going to the Moon

This was a little before my time but I think we need to talk about this anyways. May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy made a declaration: “We’re going to the moon”. That moment was a big deal for several reasons— First, the US didn’t have the technology back then to accomplish that. In other[…]